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POD Meet ups

The POD Support Network (POD) is running a series of exciting online events for parents, carers and children to engage, share experiences and have fun.

Wed, 26 January 2022 - Fri, 30 December 2022

Deaf Children Australia

597 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004 VIC

POD Support Network contact details


POD Victoria
Contact: Bianca Oldham
P: 0437 754 545


POD Queensland
Contact: Stacey Johnson
P: 0411 035 334

The POD Support Network (POD) is for families and carers of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. POD aims to empower and connect families and carers through information sharing, social gatherings, and other events.

-Families and carers raising a child with a hearing loss understand there are many rewards and challenges involved. Our POD families benefit from:

  • Emotional support from someone who has travelled a similar path
  • Empowerment through sharing of stories and experiences
  • Making connections and friendships
  • Pre COVID-19, coffee mornings and picnics were arranged in Brisbane and Melbourne so families and carers could connect, have fun and share experiences.

To maintain this engagement during current restrictions, POD has developed online group meetups for:

  • parents and carers
  • kids
  • mums and female carers
  • dads and male carers

Meetups are held for each group every 4 - 6 weeks, so keep watching this space for details.

A massive thanks to all the parents who have joined us for our online events this year and we look forward to meeting more parents in 2021.

Face to face events
POD face to face events will resume in Brisbane and Melbourne when COVID restrictions have lifted.

If you would like more information or to connect with the POD Support Network, you can contact the team nearest to you, details are below.

If you are interested in the POD Support Network, you may also be interested in our Parent Mentor program. Our Mentors have lived experience and undergo extensive training which provides unique and dynamic support to parents and carers of children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing.