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Christine - my family's journey

Christine shares her family's courageous journey navigating the complexities of raising a child with hearing loss and how that has strengthened their family unit.

Christine has an 11 year old boy Cody who was born deaf. She also has a 15 year old daughter. Cody was diagnosed with a Bi-lateral, sensorineural hearing loss. Moderate to severe in one ear and severe to profound in the other.

In Christine’s amazing and inspirational story, she shares how she reacted when Cody was diagnosed, the waves of emotion she felt, the endless questions and fears. She talks about the first time he was fitted with hearing aids and how things did not go as planned and the added difficulties of explaining his deafness to family, friends and strangers at the supermarket.

We learn about her decision to introduce Auslan and her need to accept that sometimes Cody was teaching them and not the other way around.

She tells us about her grief, her fears for him growing up and being different and her need to reimagine a new world with her son. The journey has not been an easy one and has been full of struggles and hardship and tears but at the end of the day Christine tells us of a happy son. A boy living his life that is full. Full of support, courage and belief.

Read her raw, honest heart-warming story here…

Christine Cronin- my family's journey

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