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Karla - My son, our Story

Karla shares her family's story about navigating the early days of diagnosis and how valuable connecting with other parents raising a deaf or hard of hearing child was to their unique journey.

Karla's son Ollie was diagnosed with Moderate and Moderate-Severe Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss. In the next couple of years, it would become amended to Moderate in both ears where it remains stable. After a very difficult pregnancy, Karla tells us about the diagnosis, how overwhelmed she felt with the endless appointments and information that was being offered – particularly when she was dealing with her own health issues. Her concern about his hearing aids and what other children would think.

She explains how in the early days she struggled with feelings of inadequacy and feeling very alone. The struggles she had with Ollie’s kindergarten and getting staff to understand his needs.

She tells us about the joys of his invaluable early learning program how it not only gave him the best start in life but that she also found the program a massive positive influence on herself. How it made her more open minded, stronger mentally, more understanding and patient of others and just all round more confident in my abilities to advocate for her son.

She also explains how they made life-long friends, their ‘tribe’ as she calls it and the huge support that has been for Ollie and their family.

I am extremely fortunate to of built a solid foundation of people around us who are a positive influence, can offer a sense of belonging and will interact with Ollie as if he were their own.

Read about her top five challenges for raising a hard of hearing child, her top tips for newly-diagnosed families, and the strengths that she has developed personally and as a family.

She tells us of her hopes for Ollie and his future.

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Karla Tomlinson - Our Story

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