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Karla - I am a Parent Mentor in Queensland

Meet Karla - a passionate, empathetic and caring parent mentor who draws on her lived experience as a parent raising a deaf child, to support other families.

Karla’s son Ollie is her only child and was born in December of 2012.

He first failed his Newborn Screen at 4 days old as an inpatient at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. Initially, Ollie was diagnosed with a Bilateral Moderate - Severe Sensorineural Hearing loss. Over the next few years, the diagnosis would become amended to Moderate where it now remains stable.

Karla, based in Queensland, is now a Parent Mentor and uses her experience as a mum raising a deaf child to support parents and families who are also raising a deaf or hard of hearing child.

Read Karla's story here.

Deaf Children Australia's Parent Mentor Program offers support to parents who have received a recent diagnosis for their child, or have already begun they journey. The program connects families with a parent with lived experience and specialist skills who shares their positive parenting experiences.