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My story, my career path - Jules Batstone

Jules works full time and is a Senior Producer for Pollen, an award winning digital agency. He is deaf in one ear.

Early on

At 9 months I failed an initial hearing test but then passed the second.

At 4 years it was identified that I had poor hearing in left ear due to an inner ear problem.

As I had perfect hearing in one ear the specialist at the time recommended against getting a hearing aid as they were big, not super effective and I might get teased at school.


I have always had difficulty in crowded spaces hearing.

Generally, I'll always position myself to the left of people where possible - or at the head of the table so I can see everyone a little better.

I'm always conscious of it as I have to make regular decisions to workaround.

Hearing Aid

I have been tested again in the last couple of years to see if I could get a cochlear implant but was told I was too old and as my left ear never developed, there was a risk it would be ineffective.

I was recommended a bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) which I will get once my insurance kicks in.

I had a trial device for 2 weeks which was extremely effective.

I am going to be a father soon so I want to get this sorted so that I don't miss any crucial calls!


I completed school and uni and have a full time job.

Its hard to say what might have been different if I'd had a hearing aid earlier but I do know that even though I'm only deaf in one ear, I do have to make allowances for it many times a day.