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Social Support for Parents of Deaf Children.

This research highlights the important role of social support for hearing parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.

What was this study about?

Parents raising a deaf or hard of hearing child can experience a range of challenges including increased care giving demands, finding and obtaining early intervention services, modifying communication strategies, medical and educational decision making, additional financial pressures and working with multidisciplinary teams learning and working with their child to enhance their developmental outcomes.

"Supports depend on the needs of the family and the child."

Research consistently shows that families with strong social support systems are able to manage challenges more effectively than families with fewer supports.

This 2012 report reviews 262 studies of social supports provided to hearing parents of deaf children.

What were the key findings?

  • The reviewers of this study highlighted the importance of important social supports and is an integral part of the coping experiences of parents raising a deaf or hard of hearing child.
  • This social support competent can be embedded within the broader framework of family-centered service provision.
  • Supports depend on the needs of the family and of the child.

Where can I read more about this paper?

Social Support for Parents of Deaf Children: Moving Toward Contextualised Understanding.

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