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Beyond Early Intervention: Supports for School-Aged Children.

Improved intervention strategies for school-aged children with cochlear implants is needed to support learning.

What was this study about?

This study in the United States was conducted on 104 children after they completed second grade. Of this group, 49 had normal hearing and 55 were deaf or hard of hearing children who had received cochlear implants at a young age.

What were the key findings?

  • When they start school, deaf and hard of hearing children are behind their peers with normal hearing.
  • Cochlear implants and early intervention improved the spoken language skills of deaf or hard of hearing children, however this study found they are still below the level of children with normal hearing in reading and other areas of learning.
  • This report outlines specific language intervention strategies for school-age children with cochlear implants. This intervention should be individualised, and should continue through primary school. 

Where can I read more about this paper?

Beyond Early Intervention: Supporting children with CIs through Elementary School

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