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Deafness and Attention in Deaf Children

Mothers play an integral role in the early years of their child's development.


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What was this study about?

This 2007 international study addresses the question of whether a trained educator who is deaf is more successful at engaging a deaf toddler's attention than the child's hearing mother.

After close examination of standardized play sessions, one with the mother in her home and the other with the educator at a care centre, the authors of this study concluded hearing mothers more effectively engaged with deaf children.

What were the key findings?

  • Exposure to deaf adults is essential to the education of deaf children, especially those with hearing parents.
  • Whilst mothers more effectively engaged with children, greater analysis of the varying interaction methods used by educators and mothers is needed for statistical significance.
  • Intervention programs for hearing families of deaf children should include modules for hearing parents, but also for deaf adults intending to work with deaf children.

Where can I read more about this study?

Deafness and Attention in Deaf Children.

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