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Prevalence of Additional Disabilities with Deafness: a review of the Literature.

The extent to which deafness may be associated with other disorders has received less attention and the few published estimates vary widely. This paper covers analysis done in the UK.

What was this report about?

Newborn screening programs in the UK means almost all newborns with significant hearing loss are identified much earlier with permanent childhood hearing loss. To date, over 5 million children have undergone hearing screening in England. The extent to which deafness may be associated with additional needs is minimal and the few published estimated vary widely.

This report aims to review the published literature relating to the additional disabilities with deafness.

What were the key findings?

  • A review of 12 studies conducted between 2002 and 2012 suggests that between 4 and 57% of deaf children also have visual impairment.
  • It was also found that 2 – 14% of deaf children have associated neurodevelopmental conditions, 14% have intellectual impairment, 2 -13% cerebral palsy, and 2-4% have autism. 88% have some degree of delay in speech development.
  • The study findings indicate that published research in this area is lacking and overall evidence on the prevalence of additional disabilities with deafness is very low.
  • It is expected, with the advances in newborn hearing screening, that more research is needed in this area.

Where can I read more about this report?

Prevalence of additional disabilities with deafness: A review of the literature.

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