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Rethinking Literacy: Broadening opportunities for Visual Learners.

Literacy is not just reading, but includes the skills and knowledge needed for thinking, comprehending and communicating. Taking a broader approach to literacy opens the way for building on deaf and hard of hearing children’s strengths and potential as visual learners.

What was this article about?

This article presents a model of how deaf and hard of hearing children’s literacy development can be supported through their strengths – through sign language and various visual modes of learning. 

What were the key findings?

  • Compared with their hearing peers, deaf and hard of hearing children are behind with their reading skills, yet deaf children of deaf parents usually read well.
  • Weaknesses in reading skills among deaf and hard of hearing children calls for rethinking a conventional approach to teaching literacy.
  • We can draw on the strengths of deaf and hard of hearing children as visual learners and the strategies of deaf parents in making print come to life.
  • Social interaction plays a key role in children developing their skills with sing language and printed English.

Where can I read more about this study?

Rethinking Literacy: Broadening Opportunities for Visual Learners

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